Interior architecture and design

"Universal aesthetics emerge when every individual,
every product, every thought gets its appropriate space."

Each individual has a universal sense of aesthetics – that is more a feeling than a factually measurable value.
Some things can be perceived immediately and directly, such as the structuring of large sales areas and workspaces, the formal language of the furnishings and the choice of materials, the feel of surfaces and floor coverings.

Other elements have an indirect effect on people and thus ensure a good experience of appropriate space: lighting that sets soothing accents in vital urban environments. A room divider that sensitively respects privacy in doctors’ surgeries and clinics. A fireplace, surrounded by warm colours and fabrics, which makes people at a demanding working environment feel at home.

Despite the diversity of our tasks and challenges, we create spaces for our customers that appeal universally. As a result, every customer, every individual, every product, every thought receives the space that suits them best – space to unfold, space to work efficiently, space to present perfectly or quite simply space in which people feel at home, enjoy living and working.

These universal aesthetics are the goal of all of emzweic’s fields of activity.